Here is a great article on family tree charts. I highly recommend it. You can read the full article with illustrations at family tree charts. It gives a good description of the 4 types of charts and is great for people who are just getting started putting together a family tree chart. Below is an excerpt.

There are some people who have already understood the importance of tracing your family tree and knowing your roots. They know that this kind of information will be very useful and will be a good remembrance to be passed on to their next generation. There is only one perfect way that would make this activity easier and that is having a family tree chart!

What are family tree charts?

Well, it is chart that shows the relationships of everyone in your family. It gives information on how each members of your family or your clan is related to one another. Can you get the picture?

There are 4 known types of family tree charts. The full article describes each type of family tree charts and is will worth reading.

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